MFA Thesis work

My work in the MFA thesis show at MSU represents a year and a half of exploration and experimentation with silk screen and drawing. I worked to visually explore a narrative that I composed which was inspired by creation myths. I was also interested in the relationship between figure and ground, and how the figure could be subordinate to the ground, as well as how abstraction could function in such an environment. One of my main influences in this body of work was Zen Japanese monochrome painting, which exercises many of the same abstract principles as my thesis. The result is a collection of screen prints and drawings that are abstract yet evocative.

Jacob Varty  J.Y.D.15” x11'' 04-­‐13-­‐12 silk screenJYD

Jacob Varty  Nearly There 15”x 11'' 04-­‐13-­‐12 silk screenNearly There

Jacob Varty contemplation-28''x44''04-13-12 silk screenMoment of Contemplation

Jacob Varty Dog Hunting 19.5”x 15'' 04-13-12 silk screenDog Hunting

Jacob Varty exile-28''x44''04-13-12 silk screenExile

Jacob Varty handoff-28''x44''04-13-12 silk screenHand off

Jacob Varty Judgement and Execution4''x28''04-13-12 silk screenJudgement and Execution

Jacob Varty Respite 12''x10''04-13-12 silk screenA Moment of Respite

Jacob Varty Vistation-15''x12''04-13-12 silk screenVisitation

JacobVarty Constructed Spaces14''x17''1304‐13-12DrawingChild Labor

JacobVarty Mission14''x17''04‐13-12DrawingVisitation 2

JacobVartyAtonement14''-17''04‐13-12DrawingIgnominious Return

JacobVartyDogHunting9''x12''604-13-12drawingDog Hunting 2


JacobVartyOvercome-28''x44''04-13-12 silk screenOvercome

JacobVartyRespt-28''x44''04-13-12 silk screenFlight

JacobVartyTusslepdf-28''x44''04-13-12 silk screenTussle

JacobVartyVisitation9''x12''704-13-12drawingVisitation 3


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